1. Complete Agreement. This agreement represents the complete agreement between you ("the user") and Vipah Interactive, Inc. ("the service"). No other agreements, whether verbal, written or in any other form shall supersede this agreement.


2. Location based service. You, the user, acknowledge that localNet is a location based service, and as such, utilizes your and other users locations, groups and messages as part of its service. You acknowledge that use and distribution of your location information while using the service is the primary function of the service. BY USING THE SERVICE, YOUR LOCATION MAY BE REVEALED.


3. You acknowledge that the service (localNet) is not a "mission critical" or failsafe application in any way. There is no guarantee of localNet service or message availability in any way whatsoever. We reserve the right to discontinue the localNet service, in whole or in part, at any point in time.


4. You agree to obey all local, State and Federal laws and regulations relating to your use of the service, including laws regarding illegal activities, taking photographs, revealing location, privacy, and minors. You agree that, if it is legal to use the service in your area, you will use it in accordance with, and not violate, any and all applicable laws.


5. Intellectual Property. You, the user, acknowledge that the localNet App, "Micro Wan Social Networking" (MWSN) as embodied by the localNet App, the localNet server software, and the related protocols for MWSN they communicate with are each proprietary and Copyright (all rights reserved) by of Vipah Heavy Industries, and Vipah Interactive, Inc.


6. Agree to hold Vipah Interactive harmless. The user agrees to indemnify and hold the service harmless for any damages related to having used the system. In addition, the user agrees to not engage in any illicit, illegal, or reckless behavior while using the system.


7. Agree to "acceptable behavior". By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you agree to conduct your account, messages and groups to standards deemed acceptable by the local user community in the area you are operating in, and agree this will be enforced by the services "representatives" (employees, or appointed local representatives not engaged in employment with the Service) and/or computer programs monitoring user voting systems, messages, or other algorithms. You also agree not to harass, abuse, use profanity, or otherwise engage in activity intended to diminish other users enjoyment of the system, as determined by the Service or its agents. (No Trolling!)


8. Final authority. The user acknowledges that Vipah Heavy Industries, Vipah Interactive, Inc., and its agents have final authority on any and all user or account disputes regarding the service, and may suspend, terminate, restrict or otherwise modify accounts in any way it deems fit, at its sole discretion.


9. Severability. It is agreed that if any portion of this agreement is deemed invalid, the remaining portions shall remain in full effect.